• Take Back Control Over Your Life using Corporate Journaling (With Examples)
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Take Back Control Over Your Life using Corporate Journaling (With Examples)

Take Back Control Over Your Life using Corporate Journaling (With Examples)

In a previous article, you learned why being result oriented makes more sense than being “goal oriented”. The basic reasoning was that the word “Goal” keeps you from thinking in the moment while the word “Result” helps you to think of where you are now.

Being in the moment gives you power. As many religious texts loosely state, the moment is where your power is.

(Editor’s Note: We got a lot of feedback on the article, and although we don’t like the word “Goal” as much as the word “Result”, we were told we were confusing you all. So, for the sake of clarity, we decided to write this article using the word “Goal” in order to empower the most amount of you.)

In this article, we’ll teach you about the power of reviewing where you are in any area of your life and how to take back the control you deserve.

The Importance of Reviewing Where You Are

Much is talked about with regards to figuring out where you are going, but when it comes to making real progress, it starts with knowing where you are.

Our society speaks with this truth as a somewhat source of shame. Examining where you are on your journey acknowledges that you don’t have what you seek in the moment.

Your mind, not knowing the difference between past, present, or future, takes that as a depressant. Soon, you begin to question and eventually doubt yourself as a whole and the results you really seek become completely fleeting.

We are taught the importance of being extremely productive while at the same token not having a proper grounding within the moment of our individual journey.

Enough is enough. The following is a technique that can help you reset and get into the moment within any area of your life you feel is slipping out of your control.

Corporate Journaling or the PPP Method

Corporate Journaling, or the PPP Method is a powerful yet simple way to center, reset, and regain control over any area of focus, goal, result, project or any other thing you can think of that has to do with making progress. Companies like Apple and Skype use this methodology for internal reporting which is just another word for Corporate Journaling, hence the name. Corporate Journaling, pretty catchy right?

PPP stands for Progress, Plans, and Problems.

Using this method is a form of journaling that gets you hyper-clear about where you are and what next steps to take with anything!! To illustrate it in action, we got the help of an Instagram Fan and ran through it with her.

The PPP Method in Action

We interviewed Anna, one of our Instagram Fans, to use as a Case Study to show off this tool in action. She wanted to remain somewhat anonymous so we’ll call her Anna.  Anna is an extremely independent woman who is successful in technology sales in San Francisco. She has a wonderful personality and feels like everything in life is flowing except for Romance.

Summed up, Anna is unhappy with her current results and constantly feels like she’s constantly meeting the wrong men.

First, we start with Progress. We asked her for 5 examples of what her accomplishments or positive momentum can be within the area of her romantic life. She listed the following:

  1. I don’t have a problem with men approaching me
  2. I give really good advice to my other friends
  3. I just went on a nice date with Mike, a handsome guy, but just didn’t have chemistry with him
  4. I’ve been told I have awesome style
  5. I have no problem getting dates

After that we continued with plans. In other words, what does she want? What are the specific results she’s seeking? She listed the following:

  1. A man that I can actually have a deep conversation with, not just go out with
  2. But are also financially stable
  3. A man that isn’t too serious. I’m not looking to settle down right now.
  4. A man outside of my current social circles.
  5. A man who loves to travel.

Fantastic, we told her. Now for the final P, Problems. What are 5 problems you can think of that are in this area of your life or that come with the above plans you listed? She listed the following:

  1. Men that share my strange interests can’t afford the luxuries I’m used to. Sounds shallow, but it’s expensive living in San Francisco.
  2. I’m 32, and men are either too serious at this age or act like little kids.
  3. I have a lot of paid time off but I’m afraid men that I see won’t have that kind of luxury to be able to travel and see the world.
  4. I attract men who just want a one night stand and it’s pretty annoying. Come on guys.
  5. I don’t want anyone with baggage.

Reviewing this with Anna and Taking Next Steps

When asking her how she felt after this exercise, she said that she could see patterns that previously weren’t accessible to her. For example, she immediately understood that dating younger guys was a big problem and caused a lot of the issues.

She also dated a “trust-fund” baby once and although he had all the luxuries she sought, didn’t have the emotional maturity to take things to the next level.

We came up with a few ideas of where she could meet men who could satisfy a lot of the points she made in the above PPP exercise.

  1. She would seek older men (late 30’s to mid 40’s) who travelled a lot for work. She could use her paid time off to travel with them and knock two birds with 1 stone. (We don’t want to say kill, do we?)
  2. She would also seek men who have not been married previously.

How Does She Feel?

She told us that she felt way more clear and focused on where to go next to create flow with Romance. “It was a cluster-fuck before, but I can totally see myself meeting an awesome older guy who I can get along with and travel with. I’m very defined and I know to say NO a lot more and to whom.”

Your Homework Assignment

Apply Corporate Journaling (or the 3 P’s) to any area of your life you feel is lagging.

And don’t hesitate to comment below if you need any help applying it. We’re always there to help!!

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