• Supercharge Your Law of Attraction with Yin Yoga and Affirmations
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Supercharge Your Law of Attraction with Yin Yoga and Affirmations

Supercharge Your Law of Attraction with Yin Yoga and Affirmations

You know affirmations are a powerful means to transforming your life for the better.

But in a world that’s about instant results, deadlines, seemingly infinite distractions making your time reciting your affirmations as effective as possible is as important. Yin Yoga is needed more than ever.

Contrary to traditional forms of Yoga, Yin Yoga focuses on repairing and renewing.

What if you realized that religion combined the science of Yin Yoga with Affirmations and Positive Thinking to promote more spirituality in their devotees?

In this quick guide, we’ll give you 4 powerful poses to combine with your affirmations to Supercharge your Vibration, thus your Law of Attraction.

Yin Yoga poses have been passed down since ancient times and aren’t necessarily limited to the hindu tradition.

Yin Yoga and Other Religions

A modified version of Child’s Pose, a powerful hip opening Yin Yoga pose, is used in Nimaz, or the prayer traditional to Muslim’s.

Full Lotus is of course instantly recognizable from the Buddhist tradition as well.

Religious and Spiritual leaders would combine the power of these poses with prayer to create a very enlightening synergistic effect. When your body feels at one, your thoughts are that much more concrete and potent, allowing for one’s spiritual practice to take on that much more of a positive effect.

First, examine your true affirmations.

Find Your True Affirmation

If your affirmation is about earning a select amount of money per year or to achieve a certain weight, ask yourself why you seek that. Often it’s to achieve something deeper. For many looking to achieve more financially, for example, it’s often to feel free and independent.

Get to the core of your affirmations by asking why until you can’t ask why anymore. After doing that you put the answer into a positive, present-tense, I am statement.

That is your true affirmation.

Here is an example:

Why do you want to weigh 120 pounds?

To feel free and light.

Why do you want to feel free and light?

Hmmmm....I can't answer that any more deeply.

What is the positive, present-tense, I am statement of feeling free and light?

I am free and light now.

This is your affirmation to use while applying Law of Attraction Yin Yoga.

Law of Attraction Yin Yoga Poses

Emulate the following poses as best as you can while repeating your specific mantra for 5 minutes in a row. Choose one of the following poses that resonates most with you. Have a timer, whether phone or analog based next to you so that you can settle in the pose.

Child’s Pose

Childs Pose Yin Yoga


Child's Pose Instructions -

1. Sit on your knee's as your legs remain spread out about a foot side by side.
2. Bend over with your arms stretching out in front of you.
3. When comfortable, bend your body over with your forehead falling towards the floor.
4. Bring your hands behind your tailbone.
5. Breathe in and out deeply while you chant your core affirmation.

Banana Pose

Banana Pose Yin Yoga

Banana Pose Instructions-

1. Lay flat on your back and legs straight out and your hands behind the back of your neck.
2. Scoot your flat legs to the left.
3. Scoot the back of your shoulders to the left. 
4. Hold the pose for around 2 to 2 and a half minutes.
5. Breathe into your tension. Make your tension your playground.
6. Repeat on the other side. Chant your mantra while holding the pose.


Sphinx Pose Yin Yoga

Sphinx Pose Directions-

1. Lay with your stomach on the floor and your legs stretched out behind you.
2.  Allow your forearms to rest on the floor in front of you as pictured above.
3. Bend your chest up with your your legs and forearms stretched and rested to the floor.
4. You'll feel slight tension in your back. 
5. Repeat your core affirmation while comfortable in this pose.

Supported Back Bridge

Supported Back Bridge Yin Yoga


1. Find a Yoga Block or another means of supporting your body while in this pose. Popular alternatives are two harder pillows. 
2. Lay flat on your back with your legs bent.
3. Place the Yoga Block or other firm surface just above your sacrum, or lowest point of your back above your tailbone.
4. Stretch your arms overhead as far as you can.
5. Repeat your core mantra.

What can you expect by this practice?

By releasing tension and generating flow, you enter a mental space where anything is possible. Belief is suspended, and affirmations which are repeated stick deep into your subconscious to make deeper and more meaningful shifts in your life.

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