How to Get Rid of a Pimple Overnight in 4 Insanely Powerful Steps

How to Get Rid of a Pimple Overnight in 4 Insanely Powerful Steps

Pimples are embarrassing and waking up to them can ruin your day.

However, many peoples frustrations are spent clawing at them creating scarring that can further mess things up.

The following are 4 powerful and proven steps to flush the pimple out overnight.

Alkaline Flushing

Pimples grow in an acidic environment.

Your body is meant to be slightly alkaline.

When faced with junk food, dehydration, stress, and pollution, your body protects itself by forcing the acidic elements out into your bodies extremities.

This creates the perfect environment for toxic buildup hence pimples and acne.

By drinking the following recipe, you can start to shift your bodies balance towards its all natural state.

1 gallon of pure spring water or alkaline Ph water which can be bought at Whole Foods etc.

8 tablespoons of organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

2 tablespoons of mineral dense sea salt.

2 tablespoons of organic baking soda.

4 whole lemons squeezed in the drink.

8 enzymes opened up and put into the water.

Shake this recipe vigorously and drink it over the next 2 hours. The drink is extremely powerful and will set a new tone for your body.

Colloidal Silver and CBD Oil used Topically

These two used together topically on the pimple are some of the most healing substances known to be used together.

Both can be bought online and are extremely effective at disrupting the pimple at it’s core.

For colloidal silver, we recommend this spray cream from Purest Colloids:

The topical application of these silver particles is among the best ways to kill bacteria, fungal and viral properties on ones skin.

It is completely safe and a powerful way to deflate the shell of the pimple.

Used together with Kat’s Natural CBD Oil, a powerful blend of fungus killing cannabidiol oil, rosehip seed, grape seed, argan, pumpkin seed, and carrot seed oils, this blend makes a powerful way to obliterate a pimple.

Acupressure for Acne

Acupressure is a cost free and effective way to relieve acne.

By massaging these points for 20 minutes after applying the previous steps, you can stimulate the meridians needed to quickly detoxify the acne drainage to release the pimple at its roots.

Use a timer to spend a minute on each point at a time.

Finally, Bathing for Acne Relief.

To help excavate whatever is left of the pimple, a simple bath with organic bath salt and a heaping amount of baking soda can help hydrate the body while drying out the pimple area.

Sit in the bath for at least 20 minutes and make sure to submerge the pimple as long as you can under water.

If thats hard to do, simple splash the bath water onto your pimple keeping it warm and moist. 

Following these 4 steps is a great way to kill of a pimple while giving your body increased nutrition and peace of mind.

If there is a step that we missed, please comment it below and win a chance for complimentary Renewal Bath Bombs, the worlds first Performance Bath Bomb

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