How Lush Fumbled the Ball on their Bath Bombs

How Lush Fumbled the Ball on their Bath Bombs

Lush’s Influence on the Bath Bomb Industry

Lush bath bombs are incredibly popular and rightly so.
Since their inception nearly 20 years ago, their bath bombs have been the best selling product behind a company that has expanded from modest British routes to a seemingly fixtured state in every large mall throughout the West. 
But through bath bombs Lush had an opportunity to expand on the wellness of millions. 
We examine where they went wrong and how it opened up an opportunity for innovation.

Lush’s bath bombs have introduced millions to bathing.

Bath bombs are fun, colorful, and recreate the healing spritz of a natural hot spring which further oxygenates your body. 
Lush, through it’s assortment of choices and themes has created a culture around it’s bath bombs that has been extremely influential and lucrative.
Not to mention, Lush has inspired hundreds of home based businesses to create their own bath bombs. 
A search on Etsy will lead you to businesses based all over the country.
Many of those businesses are using their flexibility and imagination to do extremely innovative things with bath bombs. 
Crystal Owens from the blog ‘A Pumpkin and a Princess’ is showing that with her Unicorn Frappuccino Bath Bomb which in the end is rooted to Lush’s influence on this industry. Check out her amazing invention from this link:

Where Lush Dropped the Ball

Is Lush really “fresh” and “natural”?
Lush has done a tremendous job employing people in developing economics and creating products that are literally handmade.
Even the feel of Lush’s bath bombs give off one of a humble quality with mistakes and size distortions given off in each product. 
The size and shape of every bath bomb is slightly different, which gives the product a very rustic and craftsmanship feel.
But from a marketing perspective, while hand made can be argued to describe “fresh”, being natural is definitely a term that can be limited to the ingredients a product makes up.

The FDA’s Definition of all natural?

According to the FDA, all natural ingredients are those which aren’t produced synthetically.
Let’s look at Lush’s popular Sex Bomb bath bomb.
Sodium BicarbonateCitric Acid Sodium Sesquicarbonate Fragrance Soya Milk Powder (Glycine soja) Synthetic Musk (Ethylene Brassylate) Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum Grandiflorum) Clary Sage Oil (Salvia Sclarea) Ylang Ylang Oil (Cananga odorata) Titanium Dioxide Propylene Glycol *Limonene *Linalool Butylphenyl Methylpropional Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone Red 4 Red 27 Red 33 Blue 1 Rice Paper Flower
On their website, they mark many of these ingredients (the ingredients in the prior paragraph in bold) as “safe synthetics”.
While many of these ingredients are harmless, the coloring is something that has been linked to a myriad of issues with human consumption.

Let’s focus on “Red 4”, an artificial colorant used with this particular bath bomb.

One study done on the colorant found that Red 40 lowered the ability for rats to reproduce effectively. It reduced the weight of newborn rats and lowered their overall chances for survival.
This among many other ingredients are questionable especially when bathing within these chemicals for long periods of time in hot water.
Lush, although well meaning and innovative, created an amazing array of bath bomb products that fun and colorful, could have used better choices with regards to their manufacturing.

Lush Makes Great Products, but just be Aware

In the grand scheme of things, Lush has been a net positive, employing thousands of people in developing countries and inspiring potentially thousands of companies to create better, hand made bath and body products. 
Lush has experienced incredible amounts of success and with that financial decisions had to have been made to keep the company expanding at the rate it did. 
In our opinion, Lush will transition gradually from artificial ingredients the same way Chipotle did. Great companies do that, and we’ll be there to cheer on Lush when they do.

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